Luminous Learners Child Care Center

Luminous Learners is accepting rolling inquiries for infant, toddler and preschool! Check out our programs here or enroll now!

Our facility has these amazing features:

Building security system at entrance to gain access ✔️

Classrooms designed specifically for children’s use ✔️

Bathrooms and sinks in classrooms for ease of access ✔️

Indoor gross motor area of 350 square feet ✔️

Outdoor play area (over 2500sqft) surrounded by a wooded area ✔️

Nature-inspired playground equipment ✔️

Resourceful, knowledgeable, dedicated Director ✔️

Assistant Director with 35+ years experience in center based child care- 15+ as a Director ✔️

Experienced, fun, creative, knowledgeable, loving Teachers ✔️

Most importantly we have designed a built-in system to check daily that everything is being done as planned and to the quality that is expected, ensuring the best experience for children and families.

Enroll to become a Luminous Learner! Please contact us directly at or (P) 508-734-5639 with any additional questions.

The famous artist Monet used a technique called pointillism, where tiny strokes become blended by the viewer’s eye to create a whole image. There are many small strokes in each child’s ‘painting of life’ that blend together to create the person each will become. Our goal is to support each child in their interests and see what beautiful painting their tiny strokes make.

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