Calling all Preschoolers!

Hi there!

We recently learned that some parents in our community are not aware that Luminous Learners will have a Preschool Program. Luminous Learners will have 1 Pre-Kindergarten and 2 preschool classrooms in addition to 2 Infant classrooms and 2 Toddler classrooms. The rate for full time Preschool is competitive.

We hope to bring music into our center through weekly programs and to also bring in language immersion, but this will be done with time. As the Director, I hold my Masters in Management, Bachelors in Global Studies/Spanish, and have taken child development college courses in addition to my degrees. I also speak Spanish, and a little Russian. Language immersion, cultural diversity, and the promotion of intrinsic self expression are all extremely important to me and I intend to convey this in our approach at the center.

We will have a large gross motor area that is accessible to children in addition to their classrooms and the outdoor play space. The outdoor play space is going to be amazing as it is looking out into a forest at the end of the neponset river. We have selected items through The Natural Playground Company which incorporate nature into play organically using all wood products.

The center’s layout is conducive to children’s needs. Each classroom has lower sinks for children to hand wash before/after meals, crafts and coming inside. Additionally each class has a bathroom for children with toilets and sinks that are lower making them more easily accessible to children.

The curriculum is theme based and each theme will be approached from ‘subcategories’ such as sensory, music and movement, dramatic play, art, literature/poetry, STEM, et cetera. This allows children to learn from different angles. There will be two activity periods daily, 2 hours of outdoor play, and 1 hour of gross motor area play included in each class schedule.

Lastly, this center is like my third baby (I have 4 and 5 year old girls). As Director, I will be onsite daily nurturing it, improving it, and making it a happy healthy environment. This is not a chain where our attention is divided. Our Assistant Director has over 30 years of experience in center based child care and will be on site daily as well. I’m happy to answer any additional questions you have.

Warmest Regards,

Krista Landsman

Owner, Luminous Learners


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