Food Menu

We are pleased to share our 3 week menu. As we get started we may repeat this menu in weeks 4-6 as well. Bon appetit to our Luminous Learners!

Snack Lunch Snack
Monday Pretzels, carrots Milk, Crockpot: chicken, honey mustard; microwave corn; two slices peaches; ½ dinner roll applesauce, belvita biscuits
Tuesday Rice cakes, string cheese Tortilla with mozzarella melted; strawberry, two slices tomato, milk Pretzels, blueberries
Wednesday Belivita biscuits, string cheese Crockpot: turkey kielbasa, potatoes, cream of chicken; banana, dinner roll, milk applesauce, ritz crackers
Thursday Ritz, peaches Turkey and American Cheese sandwich , mixed frozen organic veggies, raspberries, milk Rice cake, warm carrots
Friday Saltines, cucumbers Crockpot: Macaroni, mozzarella cheese/milk, chopped roast beef, peas; blueberries and milk Pretzels, string cheese


Snack Lunch Snack
Monday Oatmeal and milk Chicken nuggets, mixed organic veggies, strawberry, dinner roll, milk Saltines and cheddar cheese slices
Tuesday Cucumber, saltines Bagel Pizza: sauce, mozzarella cheese; banana, milk Wheat mini bagel with cream cheese
Wednesday Clementine, saltines Crockpot: Raviolis , Beef meatballs and sauce, peaches, milk Mini waffles, banana
Thursday Whole wheat mini bagel with cream cheese Overhard eggs, dinner roll, banana, cucumber, milk Clementine, saltines
Friday Saltines, strawberry Crockpot: chicken, chicken broth, carrots/peas, egg noodles, blueberries, milk Oatmeal with milk


Snack Lunch Snack
Monday Kiwi, ritz Crockpot: Chicken breast, carrots, celery, egg noodles; blackberries, milk Goldfish, blueberries
Tuesday Goldfish, strawberry Crockpot: add frozen tater tots, chopped chicken breast, cheddar cheese shredded, milk, salt and pepper, dinner roll, kiwi, milk Peaches, saltines
Wednesday String cheese, saltines Crockpot: Macaroni, mozzarella cheese/milk, chopped turkey, peas; mandarin and milk Kiwi, ritz
Thursday Kiwi, ritz Chicken nuggets, green beans, raspberries, egg noodles (crockpot) Goldfish, raspberries
Friday Peaches, saltines Beef taco crockpot (ground beef, tomato sauce, chopped green peppers, taco mix), taco shells/tortilla,  banana, milk String cheese, saltines